How EZVR handles your privacy

This is as complete a summary as possible of how we collect and store data, and why.


When you create an account, this is the data we collect from you:

Contact information • We must be able to invoice, contact and verify our customers. We collect contact data and company data for this. These are entered at registration, and can be changed and deleted at any time. This data is only stored on our server and not processed by third parties. Our server is located in Amsterdam and is maintained by Spothost.

E-mail • We retain all e-mail with our customers for an indefinite period of time. It is important for us to always be able to view sent and received mail and received files. We use Gsuite from Google, USA. If you want an overview of our correspondence, or have it removed, please contact us.

MailChimp • When you sign up with us, your account name, e-mail address and first name are stored with MailChimp (United States). This is software we use to send updates. We only send updates when we have something valuable to report to our users. We use it, for example, to announce new functionalities. Good to know: We have a customer relationship with our users and may therefore send updates. You can always log out.

Amazon Web Services • The 360​​° photos you upload to our platform are stored at Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt. The 360​​° photos are stored under a randomized name. Processing 360° photos costs a lot of computing power, and could overload our server, making it unreachable. By using the services of Amazon Web Services we prevent this. 360° photos can be removed from our server at any time.


When you visit our website or VR tours, we collect these data:

What data • EZVR collects information such as the type of device you use, the operating system and browser. We also register which buttons you click, which pages and VR tours you visit, the duration of your visit, which website you came from, and whether you have visited us before. That is statistical data with which we try to discover patterns in order to improve the user experience of EZVR. The data do not in any way identify an individual and are therefore not personal data.

Matomo • We do this with self hosted Matomo Analytics that uses cookies to track visitors during their visit to EZVR. These cookies contain information that is stored on the device with which you view EZVR.

Anonymized • All information that Matomo Analytics collects is anonymized. It is possible for us to spot trends, without being able to identify individual visitors.

Retention • The data in Matomo Analytics is retained for 6 months.

Unsubscribe • If, in spite of the above, you do not want your information stored by Matomo Analytics, you can install a browser extension that will disable Matomo Analytics on any website for you.

Data Privacy Officer

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please contact Niek Brunninkhuis and he will be happy to receive the interview.